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About Hekayati

Our Slogan

Make your child the star of the story!

Every child is unique and has something special that distinguishes him from other children. The best thing we can do as parents is to celebrate this uniqueness and interest the child in his or her potential. One way we can do this is by offering them personalized storybooks that expand their understanding further and enhance their development.

The story of “Hekayati” began when one of us - a children’s book author - started writing books for his children. By making the main protagonist the child himself, this created a kind of distinct excitement and put a big smile on his little face. This was the moment when our passion began that we want every child to feel special. “My Stories” is now on a mission to do just that. We gathered a team of like-minded parents and created a foundation that wants to make every child feel special.

We are extremely proud that the region’s leading incubator ‘in5’ has shared our goals and has invited us to begin our journey with their support. My Stories website was created as part of Settled FZ-LLC registered under the Dubai Development Authority through ‘in5’.تواصل معنا“.

The first customize-able books project

Hekayati, is the first platform in the Arab world that produces customizable books in Arabic and English.

Instant preview service for generated books

Preview the whole book and be assured of its content and quality prior to ordering.

Books that are localised for the region

Our books are written by regional authors to showcase and celebrate the arabic culture.
Our Goals

Why Hekayati

Our main goal is to provide a high-quality, personalized storybook based on the heroism of a special child.

We strive to do this by providing premium hardcover books that help them last a long time. We also have resources for professional animators in the field of children's animation production. Our editors also make sure our money is culturally appropriate and respects all aspects of our unique lifestyle.

We can ensure that our books are not just books but memories.

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